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The Power of Blogging

by Name: Kurt | Thursday, August 21, 2008 in |

In the last 2 months, I had surf hundreds of websites and read hundreds of articles to find out a way how to make money online. But 90 per cent of it did not works for me. Most of the website just tell me a dream more than a goal. They are trying to making profits from me more than tell me the exact way to make money online. I sick and tired with the thousands of those similar websites which wrote the same stuff. For example, "I earn $47,000 per months, just buy this e-book to learn how you can make it too".

Based on my experience, I found that make money online is a very simple way to do. The first thing I gonna to tell you is that the most easiest way to make money online is by blogging. Millions of people now have their own blog. Simply go to blogger.com or wordpress.com to register for your free blog but I recommend you to have your own domain because you will gain full control of your blog. Choose a suitable domain name as attractive as possible which are related to your blog content too. Now you have a blog, the second things you have to do is write your post. Remember, "Content is the King". Every visitors surf your website have their own purpose and only your content will drive them come back to your site. Keep trying to write your own post twice per week. Write your own post, not copy and paste because only your own post make your site unique. Once search engine detect your site contains duplicate content, you won't have a high rank for your site.

After you have at least 10 post in your blog, sign up for google adsense account. Place your google adsense code to your html website and you will start to make money online once people click it. Then submit your site to search engine to get your url indexed. At last, keep trying to write and write more article and post it regularly. After you had write your article, submit it to article directory, blog directory, forum for free traffic. Once you gain visitor, you will gain money. So, this is the basic how to make money online.

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